If you have been given the mammoth task of planning an event with little to no experience, this infographic is for you. In it, we take you through the basics of putting together an event that is a huge success, which also aligns with your objectives and creates ROI. 

A Beginners Guide to Planning a Kick-Ass Event will help you identify the 5 Ws around planning your event. After reading these guidelines you’ll be able to answer these questions relating to your event:

  • Who is my event aimed at?
  • What is the purpose of my event?
  • What logistical details around venues, suppliers, overall impact do I need to know?

We’ve even included our thoughts on how to get a kick out of your event as the planner.

Whether you're an event planner or you're trying to prove ROI on your event, this infographic will help you organise and host a successful event.

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