Speak to a Worx Group Expert.

Do you need expert guidance on your next event (corporate or otherwise) from a Worx Group project expert? 

With some strategic idea sharing  between your team and ours, we can assist you in implementing the right experiential marketing methodology to achieve your event goals.

Once we understand your business needs, we will guide you and your team to planning and executing a successful event.

In this meeting we will:

  • Dive deeper into your brand, your team and your needs.
  • Conceptualise an event around your brand and project strategy. 
  • Set event goals and objectives.
  • Provide insight into how to solve your event challenges and achieve maximum engagement.
  • Introduce tried and tested methodologies that suit your project objectives.
  • Share similar case studies.
  • Get the ball rolling for your next dream event!

Provide us with a few details and let's get your event off the ground.

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